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Know the signs

If you or a co-worker were experiencing a heat-related illness, would you recognize the symptoms? The Postal Service is reminding employees that two of the most common illnesses are heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Heat exhaustion symptoms include cool, moist skin; heavy sweating; headache; nausea or vomiting; dizziness; light headedness; weakness; thirst; irritability; and a […]

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Pile to smile

Rural Carrier Jennifer Shumway was recently making deliveries in a Sarasota, FL, housing development when she grew worried about a customer whose mail was piling up. Shumway knocked on the woman’s front door and got no answer, so she alerted a property manager, who called 911. Emergency responders discovered that the woman had been stranded […]

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Becoming better

The Postal Pulse employee survey is a tool to help USPS become a better place to work. How does the survey do this? Here’s what you should know: • The Postal Pulse measures employee engagement. This term refers to employees’ overall approach to their work, including their involvement, enthusiasm and commitment. The Postal Service has […]

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Hang in there

Letter Carrier Dang Hang was recently delivering mail to a residence in Stockton, CA, when he heard a loud thud that concerned him. Hang spotted a customer inside who’d collapsed after experiencing a diabetes-related blackout. The Postal Service employee immediately called 911 and remained on the scene until paramedics arrived and took the woman to […]

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Roger Barnes, Omaha, NE

Our nation lost a great man with the death of U.S. Rep. John Lewis of Georgia. He was one of the few members of Congress who spoke out against injustice, rather than stay silent because of political pressures. He spoke — and voted — with his heart. He’ll be greatly missed. […]

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Pandemic guidance

A new Postal Service video shows how employees can help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The two-minute video, “Guidelines to Reduce COVID-19 Risk in Administrative Offices,” is geared especially toward employees who work in area and district offices, as well as USPS headquarters in Washington, DC. The video advises employees to wear face coverings, […]

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Double bubble

Two employees at a New York Post Office submitted sales leads that have brought in almost $3.4 million in new revenue for the current fiscal year. Brandy Kellerman, a retail associate at the College Point office, submitted a lead through the Clerks Care program after a customer told her he was interested in USPS shipping […]

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Cool and collected

My name is Javier Gonzalez and I’m an operations programs specialist for Los Angeles District. I’m a subject matter expert on the Collection Point Management System, an application that helps USPS install, serve and repair collection boxes, including mail chutes and wall units. This is important because we don’t want to miss collection boxes. That […]

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Critical care

Rural Carrier Associate Jessica Duez was delivering a package one day last summer to a Gibsonburg, OH, customer she saw standing outside near his garage. As Duez approached the man, he collapsed and struck his head on the driveway. The Postal Service employee rushed to check on the customer, who was having a seizure, and […]

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Contributing to the mission

My name is Gordon Hirata and I’m a mail processing clerk in Honolulu. I do my part to help keep the mail moving here in Hawaii. My assignments change daily. On any given day, I might work with machines like the delivery barcode sorter and the low-cost tray sorter. Sometimes I even work with the […]

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Caring and sharing

Sales leads submitted by USPS customer care employees have brought in more than $137 million in new revenue for the current fiscal year. The Postal Service has four care centers staffed by 1,600 agents. They assist customers who call 1-800-ASK-USPS and handle about 30 topics, such as requests for postage, package supplies and PO Boxes. […]

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Package protector

Letter Carrier Michael Gabriel was recently on duty in a Rochester, NY, neighborhood when he saw a recently delivered package lying in the middle of a street. Gabriel was concerned that the box was open and missing its contents, and he soon spotted a group of teenagers nearby holding other packages he’d dropped off earlier. […]

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All eyez on him

Tupac Shakur is hip-hop’s greatest artist of all time, Link readers say. To celebrate the release of the Hip Hop stamps, we asked readers to email us their thoughts on who deserves to be called hip-hop’s G.O.A.T. — the greatest of all time. Almost 100 readers responded to our very informal, highly unscientific poll. Shakur […]

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Above and beyond

The Postal Service’s June #LEADtheWay campaign resulted in more than 17,000 sales leads from employees last month. The coronavirus pandemic prompted USPS to take a different approach to the annual sales campaign, which encourages employees to submit leads through several programs. “We changed the name of the campaign to #LEADtheWayBack to emphasize how USPS can […]

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Running smoothly

My name is David Howard and I’m an electronic technician at the Dulles, VA, Processing and Distribution Center. I maintain our machines and equipment and ensure there are no delays or failures, which helps us take care of our product — the mail — and keep our customers satisfied. On a typical day, I prepare […]

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Time’s up

The Postal Service is ready for Tax Day this week. As the coronavirus pandemic took hold during the spring, the federal government postponed the traditional April 15 filing deadline until July 15. Taxpayers must file or seek an extension by the new deadline or face a penalty. The IRS is expecting about 150 million returns […]

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Safely seated

Rural Carrier Associate James Naumoff was recently delivering packages in Cassadaga, NY, when he heard someone yelling for help inside a residence. Naumoff soon spotted an older customer who was stranded on the floor after falling several hours earlier. The Postal Service employee safely got the woman up and into a chair. She declined medical […]

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Top shop

The Postal Store has been optimized to provide mobile device users with improved shopping experiences, a timely move that is helping the retail website handle record sales during the coronavirus pandemic. The optimization — which allows mobile users to easily navigate menus, view products and check out faster — occurred in March, shortly before customers […]

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Multiple deals

A California Postmaster’s conversation with two customers has led to more than $75,000 in revenue for the Postal Service. Last fall, two representatives from a lighting retailer visited their local Post Office in Corona del Mar to seek assistance with marketing. Postmaster Amber Garvin met with them and learned their needs: a way to let […]

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Now, Voyager

Postal Service employees who use U.S. Bank’s Fleet Commander Online (FCO) website for administrative maintenance activities for Voyager cards will soon need to enter a unique passcode in order to access their online accounts as part of a new security protocol. Starting June 29, when employees log into their Voyager account on the FCO website, […]

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Up lifting

Letter Carrier Thomas Haugen was delivering mail recently in Whitewater, WI, when he spotted a customer crawling through her doorway. Haugen rushed to check on the woman, who had fallen and couldn’t stand up on her own. The Postal Service employee safely got the woman to her feet and inside her home. The customer declined […]

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Prevent the bite

About 5,800 Postal Service employees were bitten by dogs last year, the third consecutive year that the number of attacks has declined. The total number of dog bites is down by more than 200 since 2018 and down by about 400 since 2017, according to data that USPS released June 11 to promote National Dog […]

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Special connection

A Texas rural carrier’s conversation with a customer has led to almost $20,000 in new revenue for the Postal Service. Tina Harbison of Wylie, TX, submitted a lead through the Rural Reach program to help a customer on her route who runs an apparel and jewelry shipping business out of her home. Dallas District Business […]

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Safer surfaces

My name is Leo Ramirez and I’m a custodian at the Brooklyn, NY, Processing and Distribution Center. My daily responsibilities include cleaning and sanitizing just about everything that people inside the facility touch, including elevator buttons, time clocks, vending machines and equipment on the workroom floor. I always work to ensure that my colleagues are […]

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Turn for the better

Rural Carrier Associate Jacob Bonner was recently making deliveries in Brownsville, KY, when he spotted a customer facedown near a mailbox. Bonner rushed to check on the man, who was unconscious and had no pulse, so he immediately turned him over and performed CPR on him until he started breathing again. The Postal Service employee […]

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