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Daily printout: May 28

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Phoenix Tractor Trailer Operator Todd Will wearing a blue safety vest
Phoenix Tractor Trailer Operator Todd Will

Where there’s a Will, there’s a way

This employee swooped in to help a man after he tumbled into traffic

Tractor Trailer Operator Todd Will was driving recently near the Phoenix Processing and Distribution Center during the morning rush hour when he saw a man fall while crossing a busy street.

The man was unable to lift himself up to get out of the middle of the road as cars passed him.

The Postal Service employee parked his vehicle, called 911 and then helped the man move to a nearby sidewalk.

Will stayed with him until paramedics arrived.

They credited Will’s quick action with helping the man avoid serious injury or death.

Employees featured in “Heroes” receive letters of commendation through the Postmaster General Heroes’ Program. The nomination form is available on Blue.

A stack of wooden pallets against the backdrop of a blue sky
The Postal Service’s pallets recycling program is helping the organization divert waste from landfills, a Delivering for America goal.
Week in Review

Here’s what Link covered May 19-25

A recycling program, labor talks and pen pals made news last week

Last week, Link told you about a pallet recycling program that is helping the Postal Service turn trash into cash.

The initiative, which fits with a Delivering for America goal to divert more waste from landfills, allows USPS facilities to recycle wooden pallets that are left behind by business customers dropping off large volumes of mail.

“We’re looking forward to working with Postal Service facilities across the nation to increase participation in the program and help turn waste into revenue through landfill diversion,” said Sam Rogers, the Postal Service’s asset accountability manager.

Link also provided updates on the Postal Service’s modernization efforts and negotiations with the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association on a new labor contract, and we reported release dates and dedication ceremony locations for the next batch of stamps.

Our “Heroes” column introduced you to Todd Will, a USPS tractor trailer operator who swooped in to help a man after he tumbled into traffic, while our “People” feature turned a spotlight on Tina Ramirez, who recently retired as a postmaster for Rota in the Northern Mariana Islands.

Additionally, we published histories of Memorial Day and the Cold War-era postal civil defense plan, which was released May 27, 1955.

Finally, we introduced you to Kris Feeney and Ned Felder, a student and a soldier who became pen pals during the Vietnam War and recently met for the first time.

The duo, whose story has been chronicled by The Washington Post and other media outlets, are once again exchanging letters.

“We will stay in touch. I will make sure I continue to write him,” said Feeney.

June 2, 2024

National Postal Forum

The National Postal Forum, the mailing and shipping industry’s largest annual conference, will begin Sunday, June 2, and conclude Wednesday, June 5.

Highlights will include a keynote address by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy and sessions with USPS leaders.

The event will be held at the Indiana Convention Center, located at 100 S. Capitol Ave. in Indianapolis.

The forum’s website has more information.

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