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About Link

Link, a daily news site for Postal Service employees, is available on any computer and mobile device with internet access.

The content is produced by a team of writers and editors based at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC. Additional contributions come from postal employees across the nation.

The site is updated with news articles, feature stories, photos, graphics and videos each day, including weekends.

Regular columns include “Heroes,” a look at Postal Service workers who perform heroic acts; “On the Job,” profiles of individual employees and their contributions to the organization; and “Off the Clock,” a column that shows how workers spend their free time.

Employees with USPS email addresses receive a Link email each weekday with links to the most recent stories. Employees without postal email accounts can also sign up below to receive weekly highlights at a personal email address.

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To submit story ideas or other feedback, send us an email. You can also mail us at:

WASHINGTON, DC 20260-3100