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Proactive professional

Masked letter carrier stands near home
Fairfax, VA, Letter Carrier Mauricio Cruz

My name is Mauricio Cruz and I’m a letter carrier at the Fairfax, VA, Post Office. I joined the Postal Service five years ago as a city carrier assistant.

I like working outside. It’s great to be able to come in, get my mail and go out on the street and deliver to my customers. I’m responsible for the work I do as a carrier. If I do something wrong, I know I did it and I know where I need to make changes or do better. The pay, benefits and future job opportunities are also great incentives.

I aim to provide great service to each of my customers, and meet the challenges brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. Things have changed so much recently because of it. There are so many packages. It’s like Christmas.

I have also become quite a bit more cautious and I am definitely more aware of my surroundings. I practice social distancing, wear masks and gloves, and use hand sanitizer. Now I sign for customers when I have anything that needs a signature, to protect myself. I’m proactive.

I would encourage my co-workers to be proactive, too. Be serious about your job more now because a lot of people depend on us. Keep pushing and we’re going to make it through these hard times.

I have customers who make it a point to let me know I am appreciated, and that they appreciate the Postal Service getting them the things they need most right now. They even offer me water, gloves and masks. That means a lot to me.

I’m pretty quiet. Most everyone knows I am a stickler for order and cleanliness. Having things in order makes the job easier and I can perform it faster because if things are in order, there’s no confusion about what to do next. I love to do my job; I just want to be able to do it the most efficient way possible.

Off the clock, I enjoy spending time with my family — including my father, stepmother and brother — as well as traveling, sightseeing and exploring new areas.

My father works in management, and he introduced me to the Postal Service and taught me to do my best. I am glad I took his advice and applied.

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