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Safer surfaces

Face-masking wearing worker wipes down escalator handle
Brooklyn, NY, Custodian Leo Ramirez

My name is Leo Ramirez and I’m a custodian at the Brooklyn, NY, Processing and Distribution Center.

My daily responsibilities include cleaning and sanitizing just about everything that people inside the facility touch, including elevator buttons, time clocks, vending machines and equipment on the workroom floor.

I always work to ensure that my colleagues are safe, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, I’ve assumed greater responsibility in making sure all common areas and frequently touched spots are disinfected.

I joined the Postal Service in 2007 after serving 14 years in the National Guard. I have a good working relationship with most of my colleagues, who come from diverse backgrounds.

My supervisors give me a lot of respect and often compliment my positive work attitude. I’m thankful for their guidance, their helpful resources and their trust in me.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy bodybuilding and doing cardio at the gym to stay fit. I also enjoy spending quality time with my wife, Veronica, and three lovely daughters: Nicole, 11; Sara, 8; and Isabella, 4.

I won’t be retiring from the Postal Service anytime soon. I love my job — and I also need to see my daughters through college!

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