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USPS fleet credit card boosts security

A new security process will be required for Voyager credit cards, effective June 29.

Postal Service employees who use U.S. Bank’s Fleet Commander Online (FCO) website for administrative maintenance activities for Voyager cards will soon need to enter a unique passcode in order to access their online accounts as part of a new security protocol.

Starting June 29, when employees log into their Voyager account on the FCO website, a passcode will be sent to their USPS email address.

Employees must enter the passcode into the FCO site to complete the login.

The new security protocol is designed to create a more secure environment for Voyager card transactions.

Voyager cards are used to purchase products and services for postal vehicles such as fuel, oil, maintenance repairs and towing.

A similar security process was recently introduced for accessing GSA SmartPay3 cards.

For additional information, email the USPS Fleet Card Program Office at

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