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David Fields, London, KY

London, KY, Maintenance Custodian David Fields was changing locks on a mailbox near an apartment building when he noticed a child leaning out of a second-story window. Concerned the boy might fall, Fields went to the apartment and told the woman who answered the door about the child. She thanked him for his diligence. […]

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Fit to print

Link, an internal news service for USPS employees, distributes a daily email that includes a hyperlink for a printable version. When you click this hyperlink, you’ll see full-length versions of the most recent stories posted on the Link site. The hyperlink also is available in the upper left hand corner of the site. Additionally, you […]

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Social shopping

More consumers are turning to Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites to shop, further fueling the booming delivery business. Global online sales are expected to hit $1.7 trillion this year, an increase of 17 percent from 2014, according to a recent report from Juniper Research. Direct purchase options on social sites are contributing to […]

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Self help

You’ll have a new option when choosing your health coverage during this year’s open season: Self Plus One. If you’re currently enrolled in a Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) coverage plan, you’ve always had the option of choosing Self Only or Self and Family for your coverage. Self Plus One offers coverage for you and […]

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What’s cooking

Junction City, OR, Rural Carrier Sarah Olson has found fast success through slow cooking. In March, Olson released “The Magical Slow Cooker,” a collection of Crock-Pot recipes adapted from her blog of the same name. “I work full-time on my route and I have a daughter,” Olson said. “I got obsessed with the Crock-Pot dinners, […]

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Several employees were recently honored for their work with the Postal Customer Councils (PCCs), local groups that help strengthen the relationships between USPS, business mailers and their mutual customers. National PCC Leadership Awards are given each year in several categories at the gold, silver and bronze levels. In this year’s District Manager of the Year […]

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Colt Mcinnis, a customer services supervisor in Sioux Falls, SD, isn’t embarrassed to be called a “bike geek.” He rides, buys, sells and tinkers with bicycles in his free time. Now Mcinnis is trying to make bike commuting a convenient option for other postal employees in Sioux Falls, where a 19-mile trail circles the downtown. […]

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Don’t take the bait

Phishing attacks not only are on the rise, they also are growing more sophisticated in the ways they try to steal sensitive information or infect recipients’ devices with viruses. Postal Service technology blocks many of these attacks, but employees also play an important role. Follow these tips to avoid falling for a phishing trap: Don’t […]

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Third-quarter net loss reported

The Postal Service has reported a net loss of $586 million during fiscal 2015’s third quarter (April 1-June 30) compared to a $2 billion loss during the same period one year earlier. Operating revenue for the quarter was $16.5 billion, essentially unchanged from a year ago. Meanwhile, although First-Class Mail volumes fell 2.6 percent and […]

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Pedro Pinto, Mountainside, NJ

Mountainside, NJ, Letter Carrier Pedro Pinto noticed mail accumulating in a customer’s mailbox and asked a neighbor to call 911. Emergency responders entered the house and found the woman lying on the floor, where she fell four days earlier. She was dehydrated and needed medical care. Her attorney later sent a letter to the Post […]

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When a San Antonio TV station aired a report recently asking whether letter writing was a “lost art,” the newsroom got its answer — in the mail. Viewers flooded KSAT with letters describing how they’re keeping the practice alive. “I have felt like I’m the last person on the planet that still handwrites letters, so […]

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‘Elvis Presley Forever’

The new “Elvis Presley Forever” CD will feature 18 hits, including a new version of “If I Can Dream,” the Postal Service announced this week. USPS will begin selling the CD Aug. 12, when the Music Icons: Elvis Presley stamp is dedicated in Memphis, TN. The CD, which will be available in select Post Offices, […]

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Sea a difference?

Life imitated art recently when the Coast Guard re-created the image depicted on its new stamp. The re-creation took place off the New York/New Jersey coastline. An MH-65 Dolphin helicopter flew near the cutter Eagle sailing ship — just like it does on the stamp, which is based on an original painting by aviation artist […]

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Measuring results

USPS continues to gather feedback about the Postal Pulse, the all-employee survey administered earlier this year. Many employees are curious about the survey’s first two questions, which asked if employees know what’s expected of them at work and whether they have the materials and equipment needed to perform their jobs effectively. “Knowing what’s expected of […]

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Douglas Pollard, Oldsmar, FL

Oldsmar, FL, Postmaster Douglas Pollard was driving recently when he encountered an accident involving a rural carrier. The carrier’s LLV rolled over after being struck by a vehicle that ran a red light. Pollard stopped and helped the injured carrier, who was secured in the driver’s seat by a safety belt. Pollard kept the employee […]

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In the clouds

More businesses are angling to turn the delivery of mail and packages into a digital process, Fast Company reported recently. One company charges customers to receive their mail at a California location, where employees scan each envelope and package and upload the information online. Customers can then decide whether to have the mail opened and […]

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Mr. Wojo’s world

Steve Wojtaszek has a big job — and a big team to help him do it. Wojtaszek is senior plant manager for the Morgan P&DC, which handles most letter mail delivered to New York City’s Manhattan and Bronx boroughs. His daily decisions affect thousands of employees, who know him as Mr. Wojo. “We have unbelievable […]

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