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Oregon carrier publishes book of recipes

Cookbook employee
Junction City, OR, Rural Carrier Sarah Olson

Junction City, OR, Rural Carrier Sarah Olson has found fast success through slow cooking.

In March, Olson released “The Magical Slow Cooker,” a collection of Crock-Pot recipes adapted from her blog of the same name.

“I work full-time on my route and I have a daughter,” Olson said. “I got obsessed with the Crock-Pot dinners, being so busy. They were ready when I got home.”

Olson started blogging about cooking two years ago. Her site eventually caught the eye of a Utah-based publisher.

The full-color cookbook features 95 slow cook meals from breakfast to dessert. Its success has led to TV appearances and several book signings for Olson.

Almost every person who purchases the cookbook online is receiving it through the mail — a fact not lost on Olson. She’s delivered the book to customers on her route, which she said has led to some fun conversations.

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