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South Dakota employee promotes bike commuting

Bicycle employee
Sioux Falls, SD, Customer Services Supervisor Colt Mcinnis

Colt Mcinnis, a customer services supervisor in Sioux Falls, SD, isn’t embarrassed to be called a “bike geek.” He rides, buys, sells and tinkers with bicycles in his free time.

Now Mcinnis is trying to make bike commuting a convenient option for other postal employees in Sioux Falls, where a 19-mile trail circles the downtown.

“We can jump on one of the best urban trail systems in the country and be to work in no time,” Mcinnis said. “We need to utilize that.”

Only a few of Mcinnis’s co-workers bike to work, but others are interested. Sioux Falls Postmaster Jan Zimmerman, another cycling advocate, plans to install bike racks and gear lockers soon.

The changes align with the Postal Service’s efforts to promote sustainability and physical activity among its workforce.

Mcinnis cites another benefit: “The people who ride, they’ve got smiles on their faces when they come in.”

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