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Two Postal Pulse questions explained

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The first Postal Pulse survey was administered March 16-April 3.

USPS continues to gather feedback about the Postal Pulse, the all-employee survey administered earlier this year.

Many employees are curious about the survey’s first two questions, which asked if employees know what’s expected of them at work and whether they have the materials and equipment needed to perform their jobs effectively.

“Knowing what’s expected of you as an employee is critical for high performance,” said Chief Human Resources Officer Jeff Williamson. “It’s more than a job description — it’s a detailed understanding of how your work impacts the organization’s mission as a whole.”

Gallup, which administered the Postal Pulse, has asked similar questions on surveys for other employers. According to Gallup’s research, workplaces that score highest are more productive and have higher customer satisfaction and fewer on-the-job accidents.

Similarly, the most engaged workers say their managers do more than provide basic resources and guidance — they also proactively seek ways to make their teams more effective.

“This element of engagement is one of the strongest predictors of customer engagement, employee retention, safety and productivity,” said Williamson.

More information about Gallup’s research and the Postal Pulse is available online.

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