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Station receives huge response to segment on letters

TV station letters
One of the children shown in KSAT’s recent report on letter writing.

When a San Antonio TV station aired a report recently asking whether letter writing was a “lost art,” the newsroom got its answer — in the mail.

Viewers flooded KSAT with letters describing how they’re keeping the practice alive.

“I have felt like I’m the last person on the planet that still handwrites letters, so it was good to know that there are more of us out there,” Marisela Delgado told reporter Courtney Friedman in a follow-up segment.

Another response came from a woman who wrote that she’s teaching her grandchildren to write in cursive because they aren’t learning that style of penmanship in school.

KSAT even attracted the attention of the Campaign for Cursive initiative, whose representatives wrote to describe their efforts to make cursive “cool” again.

Friedman’s conclusion: “All these messages from around the nation prove that handwriting and letter writing are works of art, and thankfully, they’re far from being lost.”

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