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Mr. Wojo’s world

Publication profiles Manhattan plant manager

Plant manager profile
Morgan P&DC Sr. Plant Manager Steve Wojtaszek

Steve Wojtaszek has a big job — and a big team to help him do it.

Wojtaszek is senior plant manager for the Morgan P&DC, which handles most letter mail delivered to New York City’s Manhattan and Bronx boroughs. His daily decisions affect thousands of employees, who know him as Mr. Wojo.

“We have unbelievable employees who work unbelievably hard and what’s most rewarding for me is experiencing the way they feel when they hit customer expectations,” Wojtaszek told Direct Marketing News last week.

A typical day starts with a meeting of shift managers, who update Wojtaszek on the mail moving through the facility. There are three shifts — also known as tours — and each manager is constantly forecasting their output, completing checklists and alerting each other to potential delays.

Wojtaszek also meets daily with the facility’s industrial engineers, who always have improvement projects in motion.

He also speaks regularly with business customers, and every afternoon he leads a plant discussion on a different topic, such as safety and maintenance.

The job is demanding, but it has its rewards. “It’s like being the head coach of a winning football team,” Wojtaszek said.

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