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Love thy neighbor

It’s time to return to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. The Postal Service will release its eagerly awaited Mister Rogers stamp Friday, March 23. The stamp will honor Fred Rogers (1928-2003) and “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” the groundbreaking public television series that is credited with inspiring and educating generations of young viewers. Rogers hosted the innovative series, […]

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Postal pricing

You probably hear a lot about the Postal Service’s “market-dominant” and “competitive” products, but do you understand what these terms mean — and why they matter? Here’s what you should know: • Federal law divides USPS products into two categories. Those categories are market-dominant and competitive. The market-dominant category includes First-Class Mail; Marketing Mail; Periodicals; […]

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Randy McClellan, Albany, MO

Rural Carrier Randy McClellan was recently delivering mail in Albany, MO, when he noticed something worrisome: A customer who always greeted him at the door was nowhere to be seen. McClellan knew that the man had a history of heart trouble, and was recovering from surgery, so he opened the front door to check on […]

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Perfect matches

Post Offices across the nation are holding “date meets ZIP” events, commemorating rare occasions when the calendar aligns with a local ZIP Code. The Buford, GA, Post Office marked its special day March 5 — when the date matched local ZIP Code 30518 — by offering a special postmark that featured an illustration of Buford’s […]

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All ‘Business’

You can now watch “Your New Business,” a recent video about Informed Delivery, on the Link site. The video explains how businesses can use Informed Delivery interactive campaigns and direct mail to attract new customers. “Your New Business” shows a customer interacting with a company’s mailpiece in multiple ways. First, the customer sees a digital […]

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What to wear

Special vests are now available for the safety ambassadors at Postal Service facilities. Safety ambassadors are employees who volunteer to help USPS identify and abate hazards, raise awareness of safe work practices and improve communication on safety matters. The ambassadors should wear the new vests to help identify them when they perform safety-related tasks. Each […]

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Gerard Gallen, Morrisville, PA

A typical Tuesday afternoon at a Morrisville, PA, auto body shop recently took a frightening turn for mechanic Ben Backes, who was working on a vehicle when its heavy steel hood slammed shut unexpectedly — crushing and trapping his arm. In blinding pain and fearful of passing out, Backes screamed for help. His longtime letter […]

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Land of Lincoln

The Land of Lincoln is now as close as your nearest Post Office. USPS has released Illinois, its latest Statehood stamp. The organization’s leaders say they hope the stamp will inspire customers across the nation to learn more about the state, which is marking its bicentennial this year. “We are thrilled to honor Illinois as […]

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Making ‘Progress’

You can now watch “Progress,” a recent video about Informed Delivery, on the Link site. The video cites research that shows 84 percent of young adults who use Informed Delivery are “highly satisfied” with the feature and share it with their friends. Ninety-six percent of customers like Informed Delivery so much, they want to keep […]

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’Hood memories

To help mark the release of the Mister Rogers stamp Friday, March 23, Link wants to hear from Postal Service employees who are fans of his work. Was Fred Rogers a positive influence on you or your children? Did your family watch “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”? Do you credit the show and its host with helping […]

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Dean Pantis, Manahawkin, NJ

Manahawkin, NJ, Letter Carrier Dean Pantis had grown accustomed to seeing an 82-year-old customer on her porch whenever he delivered her mail. Pantis was worried, then, one day recently when the woman wasn’t there, so he called out to her through an open window to see if she was OK. The customer replied that she’d […]

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Safety in numbers

The Postal Service is encouraging employees to become safety ambassadors, volunteer positions that will help the organization promote safety. Safety ambassadors will be located in facilities across the nation, where they will help identify and abate hazards, raise awareness of safe work practices and improve communication on safety matters. “The ambassadors will be critical members […]

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Popcorn with the president

A former Postal Service manager has written a book about Ronald and Nancy Reagan’s love of movies. In “Movie Nights with the Reagans,” author Mark Weinberg recalls how the president and first lady would unwind by watching films on weekend evenings at Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland. The couple liked classic movies, but […]

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Need to know

Passport awards. Jefferson City, MO, Retail Associate April Burger was recently honored by the U.S. State Department as passport acceptance agent of the year. A panel of State Department and Department of Homeland Security representatives unanimously selected Burger from a field of 25 contestants. There are 45,000 passport agents working in more than 20 agencies […]

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Randall Larsen, Cedar City, UT

City Carrier Assistant Randall Larsen was recently delivering mail in Cedar City, UT, when he saw a boy wandering along a street, clearly lost and anxious. Larsen offered to help the lad, 9-year-old Charles Heaton, who said no one picked him up from school as expected, and he didn’t know how to contact anyone for […]

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Whole new way

A recent USPS video highlights Informed Delivery, a free feature that allows consumers to preview their incoming mail from a computer, tablet or mobile device. The video, “Progress,” cites research that shows 84 percent of young adults who use Informed Delivery are “highly satisfied” with the feature and share it with their friends. Ninety-six percent […]

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Form and function

The Postal Service wants employees to remember to use the re-designed PS Form 3849, which carriers are required to leave when they are unable to deliver an item successfully. The form — now called We ReDeliver For You! — features a simpler format with additional instructions for letter carriers, retail associates and customers. USPS began […]

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Word up

USPS is giving its employees the last word. The organization is adding a comment box to its Postal Pulse workplace engagement survey. Employees can use the box to offer feedback in their own words. “When we talked to employees about the Postal Pulse survey, they overwhelmingly told us they want a comment section,” said Employee […]

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Hands together

Rob Garfinkle set out to master a special skill when he became the Tarzana, CA, Postmaster three years ago: learning American Sign Language (ASL). The Tarzana Post Office has two hearing-impaired employees: Terezia Josa, a letter carrier, and Steven Alexander, a postal support employee. Garfinkle knew that if he wanted to communicate with them, he […]

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Marjorie Daley, Bangor, CA

Retail Associate Marjorie Daley prioritized community service when wildfires recently threatened the remotely managed Post Office in tiny Bangor, CA. During a nearby blaze last summer, Daley borrowed a backhoe from her husband’s workplace and created a large firebreak around the Post Office that helped ensure its safety. Another wildfire in the fall hit even […]

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Carrying on

Sasa Maksimovic is grateful for the opportunities the Postal Service has provided him. The Rutland, VT, letter carrier fled his native Serbia during the 1990s Yugoslav wars and found a new life in the United States. “Lots of young and smart people left the country,” said Maksimovic, who was a graphic technologies student when fighting […]

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Civics lesson

Allowing people to vote by mail boosts turnout, especially during lower-profile elections, the authors of a new study say. The research is based on data from a 2014 midterm election in Colorado, one of three states that conduct all voting by mail. According to the study, allowing people in Colorado to vote at home increased […]

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Trent Hanna, Price, UT

A power tool accident recently left a Postal Service customer in Price, UT, with a life-threatening cut to his wrist — and few options to get help. Jeff Hill was home alone on a quiet weekday afternoon when a grinder mishap severed two major blood vessels and a tendon. He feared he would bleed to […]

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Stan and deliver

Stan Coburn is having a week to remember. Coburn, a retail associate at Northwood Station in Fort Wayne, IN, just marked the 50th year of his postal career. To celebrate, the city declared Feb. 6 Stan Coburn Day, an event that prompted coverage by a local TV station and a tribute from U.S. Rep. Jim […]

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