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Gerard Gallen, Morrisville, PA

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Morrisville, PA, Letter Carrier Gerard Gallen, right, with customer Ben Backes

A typical Tuesday afternoon at a Morrisville, PA, auto body shop recently took a frightening turn for mechanic Ben Backes, who was working on a vehicle when its heavy steel hood slammed shut unexpectedly — crushing and trapping his arm.

In blinding pain and fearful of passing out, Backes screamed for help.

His longtime letter carrier, Gerard Gallen, happened to be delivering mail nearby and rushed to his aid, lifting the hood enough to relieve the pressure and free him.

“He was kind of like Superman, except without the suit,” Backes said.

The postal customer greeted Gallen emotionally the next day, crediting his timely assistance with preventing extensive arm damage.

Gallen believes the experience reflects the bond he’s established with people on his route over many years.

“You really get to know all of your customers, and you get to connect with them,” he said.

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