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Video highlights Informed Delivery

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You can now watch “Your New Business,” a recent video about Informed Delivery, on the Link site.

The video explains how businesses can use Informed Delivery interactive campaigns and direct mail to attract new customers.

“Your New Business” shows a customer interacting with a company’s mailpiece in multiple ways.

First, the customer sees a digital preview of the mailpiece through her Informed Delivery email digest. She clicks on the interactive content right away to get a quick preview of the offer.

Next, the customer retrieves the mailpiece, scans the QR code with her smartphone and is taken to the company’s website, where she learns more about its products and services.

“One mailpiece, multiple touchpoints. No other marketing tool offers the same,” the narrator says.

Informed Delivery is a free feature that allows consumers to preview their incoming mail and manage their packages from computers, tablets and mobile devices.

USPS previously shared “Your New Business” through its YouTube channel.

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