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Felicia Camm, Palmyra, IN

Rural Carrier Associate Felicia Camm was recently delivering mail in Palmyra, IN, when a customer in distress flagged her down from his driveway. Camm stopped to assist the man, who had just come to after suffering a head injury during a fall from a large truck he had been repairing the previous day. The Postal […]

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Above and beyond

Sally Ride blazed a trail across the stars that continues to inspire people around the world, USPS leaders and others said May 23 at the stamp dedication ceremony honoring the pioneering astronaut. “Sally Ride’s history-making journey has made it easier for young girls to dream of one day being an astronaut, an engineer, a physicist […]

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Need to know

In memoriam. William Burrus, a longtime leader with the American Postal Workers Union (APWU), died May 19 at age 81. Burrus served as the union’s national president from 2001-2010. He was the first African-American national union president elected directly by union members. He began his postal career in Cleveland in 1958 as a distribution clerk, […]

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Postal platoon

After months of training, the postal platoon from the Army’s 259th Human Resources Company, 25th Sustainment Brigade, has sprung into action. Their mission: to deliver the mail. The soldiers recently began a nine-month deployment to the U.S. Central Command’s area of responsibility, a 20-nation region that stretches across the Middle East to Central Asia and […]

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Fair share

Post Offices throughout the nation are raising revenue for USPS by hosting passport fairs in their communities. The Stafford, VA, Post Office held a spring break fair that allowed customers to apply for passports without children missing school or parents taking time off from work. “Being able to offer [customers] passports on a Saturday during […]

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Shane Nicholson, Jasper, IN

Police in Jasper, IN, recently credited an alert Postal Service employee with saving the life of an older homeowner who couldn’t escape after a fire broke out in her living room. City Carrier Assistant Shane Nicholson was delivering mail in the neighborhood when he spotted smoke pouring out of the residence. Nicholson rushed to the […]

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Finn’s tale

Finn Blumenthal loves the Postal Service. Three-year-old Finn, who was born with congenital heart disease, has had 14 major procedures during his young life and likely will need more. But he doesn’t let that keep him from one of his favorite places: The Fredericksburg, VA, Post Office’s Falmouth Branch. “We try to go every day. […]

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Thanks for serving

The Postal Service is showing its appreciation for employees who are military veterans by presenting them with military-style challenge coins. Historically, the challenge coin is a symbol of military unit identity and camaraderie. They are awarded to service members for special achievement or mission participation. “Military veterans make up a significant part of our workforce […]

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Opportunities to grow

The Postal Service is continuing to roll out its ContinYOUous Learning initiative, a program to help Executive and Administrative Schedule (EAS) employees see every experience as a learning opportunity. The initiative highlights self-paced learning activities using podcasts, articles, courses, books and other resources. “The Postal Service gives every employee opportunities to grow and develop professionally,” […]

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Rickey Thompson, Oakland, CA

Tractor Trailer Operator Rickey Thompson has a special role at the Oakland, CA, Processing and Distribution Center: He operates a shuttle to help ensure employees safely get to and from the closest public transit station. One of his colleagues, Acting Health and Resource Management Specialist Regina Paje, recently saw firsthand just how seriously Thompson takes […]

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Self improvements

The Postal Service is replacing its approximately 2,800 self-service kiosks with upgraded machines. The new kiosks have improved screens that offer customers an experience similar to using “Customers can have more streamlined transactions that combine online features and retail counter service,” said Retail and Customer Service Operations Vice President Kelly Sigmon. The new kiosks […]

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Running for life

Jim Costello completed the Boston Marathon this month, enduring unseasonably cold temperatures, heavy rain and raw winds to finish the 26-mile race in less than 4 hours. But after everything he’s been through, marathons are hardly a challenge. In March 2015, the Riverton, NJ, letter carrier was diagnosed with a plum-sized metastatic brain tumor that […]

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Need to know

Political Mail site. The Postal Service has updated Deliver the Win, a site that offers direct mail research and more for political campaigns. The site, which USPS introduced two years ago, promotes the use of “omni-channel marketing” for campaigns that want to include mail in their promotional efforts. USPS is encouraging employees to use the […]

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Kerri Zynen, Denver

My heart was touched by the “Heroes’ corner” story about Michael Farnworth, the Salmon, ID, Postmaster who helped deliver a dress for a mother whose newborn had died. I’m sure his act of kindness made a world of difference to that woman during such a difficult time. […]

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Patricia Dorr, Westport, NY

Five dogs and a cat were given a new lease on life recently when an alert Postal Service employee saw them suffering inside an upstate New York home. Westport, NY, Rural Carrier Patricia Dorr was delivering mail at the residence when she spotted the animals through a window. All were emaciated, and the dogs were […]

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Earth Day

The Postal Service offers a variety of information for employees who want to celebrate Earth Day and learn more about the organization’s sustainability efforts. The Earth Day Blue page has practical tips on what you can do to conserve resources at your facility. The page also has information on low-cost ways to reduce waste in […]

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Letters to Barbara

Barbara Bush is being remembered this week as a champion of literacy — an enthusiasm that included the art of letter writing. The former first lady, who died April 17 at age 92, had more than one pen pal during her lifetime. Bush received many letters from her husband, George H.W. Bush, while they were […]

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National priority

The nation’s future success can be summed up in four letters: S, T, E and M. This is the message Postal Service leaders and others delivered at the STEM Education stamp dedication ceremony April 6. “In an increasingly competitive world, proficiency in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, collectively known as STEM, is […]

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Need to know

Hazmat courses. The Postal Inspection Service is offering three new training courses to help employees who accept and handle hazardous materials. The first course, Advanced HAZMAT Training, is now available in the Learning Management System. The course number is 10026976. The course provides instruction on: navigating Publication 52, Hazardous, Restricted and Perishable Mail; classification of hazardous […]

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Still learning

Elaine Lane is always learning something new. The Somerville, NJ, letter carrier began her postal career in 1968 — but if you think she knows everything after a half-century on the job, think again. Lane listens closely when managers and supervisors at the Somerville Post Office hold their weekly talks on new products, services and […]

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Smart dogs

The Postal Service is offering safety tips for customers during National Dog Bite Prevention Week. The organization wants customers to: • Use the Package Pickup option on to let the organization know if a dog is present at the customer’s address. USPS will send the information to letter carriers’ Mobile Delivery Devices. • Keep the […]

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Fit to print

The Postal Service has found an innovative method to obtain spare parts for mail processing equipment: 3-D printing. This type of production, also known as “additive manufacturing,” allows users to create solid, three-dimensional objects from special printers. “Parts for some of our equipment are becoming more difficult and costly to acquire using traditional manufacturing methods,” […]

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Nicholas Coil, Delphos, OH

Letter Carrier Nicholas Coil was recently delivering mail to a residence in Delphos, OH, on a cold day when a terrified teenager ran out of the house. The 16-year-old girl — barefoot and bloody — said her 20-year-old brother was assaulting her, and she was desperate for help. Coil called 911 and safely shielded the […]

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Springtime surprise

The arrival of spring brought heavy snow to parts of the East Coast and other areas this week, although the storm didn’t diminish the Postal Service’s ability to keep the mail moving. The Northeast received its fourth nor’easter in three weeks, and several cities recorded their most significant springtime snowfalls in years. USPS continued to […]

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