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Trent Hanna, Price, UT

letter carrier
Price, UT, Letter Carrier Trent Hanna

A power tool accident recently left a Postal Service customer in Price, UT, with a life-threatening cut to his wrist — and few options to get help.

Jeff Hill was home alone on a quiet weekday afternoon when a grinder mishap severed two major blood vessels and a tendon. He feared he would bleed to death if he loosened his grip on the wound long enough to use a phone.

As Hill stumbled toward the street in hopes of catching someone’s attention, his salvation appeared in the form of Letter Carrier Trent Hanna, who was delivering mail in the neighborhood.

Hanna immediately called 911 and fashioned a tourniquet for the fast-weakening man, which was crucial to his survival, Hill later told the Sun Advocate, a local newspaper.

An ambulance soon arrived and took the customer to a hospital, where he received 71 stitches and an excellent prognosis for a full recovery.

Hanna spoke to The Salt Lake Tribune about the stress and what-ifs of the situation, as well as the bond he’s formed with Hill.

He said Hill continues to thank him “for being cool under pressure and helping him.”

Price Postmaster Sandra Koon called Hanna “a very kind-hearted guy. I always read about heroes, and now we can say we know a hero.”

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