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Randy McClellan, Albany, MO

man sorting mail
Albany, MO, Rural Carrier Randy McClellan

Rural Carrier Randy McClellan was recently delivering mail in Albany, MO, when he noticed something worrisome: A customer who always greeted him at the door was nowhere to be seen.

McClellan knew that the man had a history of heart trouble, and was recovering from surgery, so he opened the front door to check on him and found him inside struggling to breathe.

The Postal Service employee notified the customer’s home health nurse and stayed on the scene until she got there and determined that the man needed to go to a hospital.

The nurse called 911, and an ambulance soon arrived.

After McClellan finished his route, he visited the hospitalized man.

“Reliable and aware carriers like Randy are in and out of our customers’ lives every day,” Albany Postmaster Andrea Leader said.

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