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Nicholas Coil, Delphos, OH

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Delphos, OH, Letter Carrier Nicholas Coil

Letter Carrier Nicholas Coil was recently delivering mail to a residence in Delphos, OH, on a cold day when a terrified teenager ran out of the house.

The 16-year-old girl — barefoot and bloody — said her 20-year-old brother was assaulting her, and she was desperate for help.

Coil called 911 and safely shielded the girl when the man came outside to look for her, informing him that police were on the way.

When the man retreated, his sister said there were loaded weapons inside and she feared for her life.

The Postal Service employee stayed with the girl until police arrived and took the man into custody.

“Nicholas is not only a great carrier, he’s a good steward of his community by looking out for those in need on his route,” local Customer Services Supervisor Scott Wurst said.

“He is an example for all.”

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