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Shane Nicholson, Jasper, IN

letter carrier hero
Jasper, IN, City Carrier Assistant Shane Nicholson

Police in Jasper, IN, recently credited an alert Postal Service employee with saving the life of an older homeowner who couldn’t escape after a fire broke out in her living room.

City Carrier Assistant Shane Nicholson was delivering mail in the neighborhood when he spotted smoke pouring out of the residence.

Nicholson rushed to the front door, opened it and yelled out, “Is anybody in here?”

The customer, who had collapsed after trying to control the blaze herself, responded.

Nicholson went to her aid and guided her to safety, while a neighbor called 911.

Firefighters soon arrived and extinguished the flames. They also rescued a dog and a cat inside the home.

The Herald newspaper reported that the police department tweeted about Nicholson’s bravery, using two hashtags: #hero and #postmanrocks.

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