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Hazmat course — and a request for help

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USPS employees can take a new training course about handling hazardous materials.

Hazmat courses. The Postal Inspection Service is offering three new training courses to help employees who accept and handle hazardous materials.

The first course, Advanced HAZMAT Training, is now available in the Learning Management System. The course number is 10026976.

The course provides instruction on: navigating Publication 52, Hazardous, Restricted and Perishable Mail; classification of hazardous materials; locating and reviewing source documents for hazmat mailability determinations; and where to find the specific guidelines for quantity limitations, packaging requirements and marking specifications.

The course will be available to Executive and Administrative Schedule (EAS) employees and craft acceptance employees who have approval from an EAS supervisor.

Employees with questions should email Hazardous Materials Program Specialist Vincent Desiderio.

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