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Finn’s tale

Virginia boy a fan of sharks — and USPS

small boy
Finn Blumenthal picks up some Sharks stamps last year during a visit to one of his favorite places: The Fredericksburg, VA, Post Office’s Falmouth Branch.

Finn Blumenthal loves the Postal Service.

Three-year-old Finn, who was born with congenital heart disease, has had 14 major procedures during his young life and likely will need more.

But he doesn’t let that keep him from one of his favorite places: The Fredericksburg, VA, Post Office’s Falmouth Branch.

“We try to go every day. They are like family,” said Kelly Blumenthal, Finn’s mom.

The Blumenthals always have business at the Post Office, whether it’s picking up cards and packages from well-wishers who’ve seen Finn’s TV appearances or just buying stamps.

When the Sharks stamps were released last summer, Finn — who loves sharks as much as he loves USPS — was first in line to purchase them.

“I think I bought them out,” said Kelly, who used the stamps to mail invitations to Finn’s recent “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory”-themed birthday party.

Finn and his older brother, 4-year-old Mason, refer to the Post Office as “Nikki’s house” because Retail Associate Nikki McKenney gives them lollipops.

“Customers like them make me love my job even more. I love seeing them and look forward to many more years of watching them grow up,” McKenney said.

The Blumenthals also make regular trips to the Post Office to pick up packages containing materials for the craft projects that Kelly uses to keep the kids’ minds off Finn’s health problems.

“The projects are something to bring me peace, and USPS has been so patient and instrumental,” she said, adding that “we never know what tomorrow brings.”

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