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Postal Bulletin

The Postal Bulletin’s latest issue highlights heat stress and the potential for heat-related illnesses now that temperatures are rising. There are also tips to help you stay cool and battle the heat.The May 28 edition also includes revisions to Publication 108, Threat Assessment Team Guide, which outlines policies for dealing with threatening situations in postal […]

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USPS, APWU reach impasse

Negotiations on a new labor contract between the Postal Service and the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) came to an impasse May 27, USPS announced. The organizations will continue to follow the current agreement until a new contract is reached through the dispute resolution process. The APWU represents more than 196,000 employees who work as […]

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Staying connected

Homeless individuals may not have a permanent residence, but they can still receive mail.USPS offers general delivery mail services to customers with no fixed address and no identification. According to USPS policies, there is no time limit for how long an individual may receive general delivery mail at a Post Office. Although mail is typically held […]

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Changing and improving

A new video offers a closer look at the employees and technology featured in the Postal Service’s newest TV commercial.“We have improved in so many ways,” Industry, CA, Mail Handler Edward Clarke says in the video, which debuted last week. He praises new postal technology, including My, an application that allows customers to track […]

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Delivering in style

While USPS tests the possibility of redesigning employee uniforms, one publication recently showed how postal styles have evolved over two centuries.The magazine Mental Floss published an illustrated history of carrier uniforms, beginning with blue-gray cadet-style outfits from the 19th century. The article cites uniform oddities, such as the “pith” helmets that carriers began wearing in […]

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The write course

Don’t tell Marty Townsend letter writing is passé. Townsend, a Missouri University English professor, teaches “The Letter as Genre,” a course that explores letters’ profound contribution to our understanding of history — and ourselves. Students mine messages from the Middle Ages, as well as presidential missives, wartime correspondence and love letters. Students also research the […]

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Best in show

Several Postal Service employees and customers were honored at this year’s National Postal Forum (NPF), which concluded May 20 in Anaheim, CA. Five employees were recognized for their contributions to Business Connect, an employee engagement program that encourages Postmasters and other managers to meet with small businesses in their communities. The honorees: Mayville, MI, Postmaster […]

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Memorial Day reminder

May 25 is Memorial Day, one of six days each year Postal Service facilities are required to fly the POW-MIA flag.The flag honors the sacrifices made by members of the armed forces held as prisoners of war or listed as missing in action. Facilities that are open on the holiday must fly the U.S. flag […]

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Information, please

The Postal Service is collecting valuable data by scanning mail and packages and using the information to strengthen customer service, USPS leaders told industry executives this week. “It’s just not about having more data. It’s what you do with it,” Acting Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Jim Cochrane said at the National Postal Forum, which […]

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USPS, APWU extend contract talks

The Postal Service and the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) have agreed to extend contraction negotiations on a new collective bargaining agreement, USPS announced May 21. Although the contract with APWU expired at midnight May 20, the Postal Service and APWU mutually decided to extend the negotiations deadline by one week to May 27. APWU […]

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Moving into the future

Replacing the Postal Service’s delivery fleet is necessary to the organization’s future, Chief Financial Officer Joe Corbett told a congressional panel May 21. New vehicles will ensure USPS is able to fulfill its obligation to provide prompt, reliable and efficient services for the nation, he said. “In order to effectively meet the needs of our […]

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Have cards, will travel

Postal Service travel cardholders will soon receive a reminder from Citibank to activate their new cards. Citibank is converting all magnetic-stripe plastic cards to new versions that are embedded with secure computer chips. A personal identification number (PIN) is also required. All cardholders will receive a notification to activate their new cards 60 days before […]

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Terri Ross, Glenwood City, WI

Glenwood City, WI, Rural Carrier Terri Ross was delivering mail when she spotted a suspicious man and called 911. Police arrived, questioned the man and realized he was suspected of robbing two churches and stealing a car. The police department has nominated Ross for a citizen’s award. […]

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For a fuel dollars more

The Postal Service has saved about $200 million so far this fiscal year because gas prices are lower than expected, Chief Financial Officer Joe Corbett reported last week. If prices remain low, USPS could save as much as $400 million before the fiscal year ends Sept. 30, Corbett said. The CFO made his remarks during […]

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Sit, stay, educate

The Postal Service has a message for employees and the public: Any dog can bite — even animals you know. Safety advocate Kelly Voigt, who was attacked by a neighbor’s dog when she was a child, recalled the experience at a May 14 press conference to highlight the Postal Service’s annual Dog Bite Prevention Week […]

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Postal Bulletin

The Postal Bulletin’s latest issue highlights Mailbox Improvement Week, which is May 17-23. The Postal Service sponsors the annual event, which encourages customers to examine their mailboxes and tidy them if necessary. The May 14 edition also includes an update on recent revisions to the Employee and Labor Relations Manual’s medical emergencies section. […]

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