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Changing and improving

New video goes behind the scenes of TV spot

Mail Handler Edward Clarke
Industry, CA, Mail Handler Edward Clarke appears in the new behind-the-scenes video.

A new video offers a closer look at the employees and technology featured in the Postal Service’s newest TV commercial.“We have improved in so many ways,” Industry, CA, Mail Handler Edward Clarke says in the video, which debuted last week.

He praises new postal technology, including My, an application that allows customers to track their packages and specify delivery dates.

“We want to give the customers what they want,” Clarke says.

The ad showcases other USPS technology, including mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) devices, as well as new services like Sunday parcel deliveries.

The 30-second spot is part of the new Watch Us Deliver marketing campaign, which focuses on the Postal Service’s growing package business.

“Our job is 100 percent customer satisfaction,” St. Louis Letter Carrier Clifton Brookings says in the behind-the-scenes video.

“And when you deliver … that parcel, and you do it correctly on that first attempt, that will continue to allow the customer to say, ‘I don’t want to try the rest. I’m going to stick with the best.’”

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