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Delivering in style

Postal uniforms change with the times

Postal uniforms from two eras.
Postal uniforms from two eras. Click on the image for a larger version.

While USPS tests the possibility of redesigning employee uniforms, one publication recently showed how postal styles have evolved over two centuries.The magazine Mental Floss published an illustrated history of carrier uniforms, beginning with blue-gray cadet-style outfits from the 19th century.

The article cites uniform oddities, such as the “pith” helmets that carriers began wearing in 1887. Also mentioned are breakthroughs, such as the first guidelines for women employees, issued in the 1950s.

Other innovations mentioned include the introduction of knee-length shorts in 1973 and the addition of baseball caps in 1982.

The article is based on an extensive history of letter carriers’ uniforms prepared by the Postal Service.

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