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Tax Day reminders

USPS wants to ensure safe and convenient access to postal property for all customers on Tax Day, which is Wednesday, April 15.Postmasters should make sure customers and others obey regulations regarding permissible activities. No one should be allowed to obstruct entrances or impede public access to USPS property.Soliciting contributions or collecting signatures on petitions is […]

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File claims online

Encourage customers to file their domestic claims online at for quick resolution. Customers not only can file their claims immediately, they’ll also be able to check the status online throughout the claims process. […]

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Nicholas Torinese, Bartow, FL

Bartow, FL, Rural Carrier Nicholas Torinese was on his route when he saw a woman fall to the ground and hit her head on concrete while walking to a mailbox. Torinese called 911 and administered first aid until emergency responders took the woman to a hospital where she recovered. The woman and her family later […]

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People first

Chief Operating Officer David Williams, who was named to the post in February, recently sat down with Link to discuss his career path and thoughts on the future. Let’s start with your new job. How do you describe it? The COO’s role begins and ends with service. It’s all about providing great customer service, whether […]

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Student writes

It’s hard to tear teenagers away from their mobile devices, but National Card and Letter Writing Month brings reminders that not all young people are obsessed with texting. At one Kenyan boys’ school, mobile phones and social media are banned — so students put pen to paper when they want to communicate with each other. […]

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Courtship by mail

A handwritten letter has earned a Washington state teenager the experience of a lifetime.It began when Connor Urcuyo, 16, wrote letters to all 30 National Basketball Association (NBA) teams to ask why he should root for them. Only the Minnesota Timberwolves responded, sending Connor a list of reasons the team deserves his support and a […]

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Finding LMS courses

To find a Learning Management System (LMS) course within the learning portal, look under Navigation on the left side of the page. In the Find section, enter the course number in the search field. Next, select Find and your search results will appear. […]

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Write and wrong

Before you pen your next piece of handwritten correspondence, do you know the latest letter-writing guidelines?Parade magazine recently published these tips from the Emily Post Institute: Always RSVP: Reply in the same format as the invitation. Reply to written invites with letters, respond via email to emails. Address and date: If your stationery doesn’t include […]

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The new Maya Angelou stamp isn’t just a hit at Post Offices — it’s proving popular on social media too. A recent USPS post about the stamp has received more than 100,000 likes on Facebook, where fans are also posting their own tributes. “I read ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings’ as a young […]

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Scanning scorecard

The national scanning score hit 96.22 percent during the week ending April 3, a slight increase from the previous week. Here are the area and district standings, as of April 8: Areas. Western, with a rating of 96.7 percent, ranked first for the seventh straight week. Southern (96.62 percent) moved up one spot to take […]

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Janet Clayton, Tampa, FL

I’ve been regularly writing letters and cards for as long as I can remember. I started with a girl I met on summer vacation — we’ve corresponded via the mail for over 40 years — and with my father before he died. I’ve saved every letter he wrote to me. […]

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Be friendly

When working with customers, put yourself in their shoes. Providing friendly, courteous and knowledgeable service is how the Postal Service delivers positive experiences to customers. […]

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Super training

USPS has introduced a comprehensive training course for newly promoted supervisors, part of a broader effort to strengthen the postal workforce by helping employees hone their talents and skills. The 16-week New Supervisor Program is required for new supervisors in areas such as Customer Service, Distribution Operations and Maintenance Operations. Classroom, on-the-job and virtual training […]

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Heroes’ corner

Plattsburgh, NY, Rural Carrier Biagio Gallicchio was delivering mail during a heavy snowfall when he noticed a snow blower running in a driveway. As he got closer, he saw a man lying on his back, covered in snow.The man had slipped and injured his leg while trying to pull the machine into his garage. “He […]

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Write on, sir

Kirk Douglas has a challenge for the nation: Start writing and mailing letters again. “There is a special sensory enjoyment involved in writing a letter, stamping the envelope and sending it on its way,” Douglas writes in an open letter published last week by the Huffington Post. He calls on readers to “write a letter […]

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Phenomenal woman

First lady Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and others joined PMG Megan Brennan at the dedication of the Maya Angelou stamp April 7 in Washington, DC. “She’d get a big kick out of this moment — being honored and commemorated by the Postal Service with her own stamp for the big, bold, bodacious life she dared […]

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Going Dutch

FedEx Corp. will purchase Dutch rival TNT Express for about $4.8 billion, the companies announced April 7.The deal will give FedEx a larger foothold in the growing European market, which is dominated by UPS and DHL Express. The market is difficult for outsiders to crack, the Wall Street Journal reported. Challenges include inaccessible apartment buildings […]

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Critic Jerry Saltz, praising USPS for issuing stamps that will make Martín Ramírez’s artwork more accessible to the public

“The Whitney owns none of them, the Museum of Modern Art owns one, the Metropolitan Museum of Art owns none and the Guggenheim owns four. So you know what? Big shout out to the [Postal Service].” […]

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What’s NPF?

The National Postal Forum (NPF) is an annual meeting that brings together Postal Service management and business customers to discuss the state of the mailing industry. NPF also includes workshops and training sessions. This year’s event will be May 17-20 in Anaheim, CA. […]

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Paul Horton, Tolland, CT

Tolland, CT, Rural Carrier Paul Horton was delivering mail when he encountered a woman who’d fallen in a driveway. She’d been struggling to get back to her feet for more than 30 minutes. Horton called 911. Emergency responders took the woman to a hospital where she was treated for frostbite. […]

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The art is in the mail

Great artists don’t confine their brilliance to a canvas — their skills also fill their letters, a new book shows. “More Than Words,” published this month, presents a colorful collection of more than 90 illustrated cards, letters and notes from influential artists. “Illustrated letters are inspired communications,” author Liza Kirwin writes. She hopes the book […]

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Direct contact

Direct mailings help businesses reach customers — especially in the digital age, Brand Marketing Director Betty Su told an online conference this month. Forty-four percent of consumers who receive a direct mailpiece from a company visit its website, Su said, citing Direct Marketing Association data. Direct mailings can be especially helpful in reaching younger consumers, […]

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