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USPS saving money on lower gas prices

Lower gas prices are saving USPS money.
Lower gas prices are saving USPS money.

The Postal Service has saved about $200 million so far this fiscal year because gas prices are lower than expected, Chief Financial Officer Joe Corbett reported last week.

If prices remain low, USPS could save as much as $400 million before the fiscal year ends Sept. 30, Corbett said.

The CFO made his remarks during a conference call to discuss the Postal Service’s latest quarterly financial results.

Energy Department data show gas prices averaged $2.46 per gallon in April, down from $3.66 per gallon a year earlier, the Federal Times noted this week.

Corbett said most of the Postal Service’s savings have come from the USPS delivery fleet, long-haul transportation and jet fuel.

The Postal Service has more than 200,000 vehicles, one of the world’s largest civilian fleets.

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