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Best practices: Employees shared wisdom in 2017

Employee standing in front of mail sorter
Miami International Service Center Mail Handler Brittany Henry is one of many employees who offered advice to her USPS colleagues this year.

Postal Service employees offered lots of colleague-to-colleague advice through “Best practices,” a periodic feature that Link introduced this year.

Here’s a sampling of the wisdom they shared:

• On customer service: “Many customers just want to know you’re listening.”— Melville, NY, Retail Associate James Toolan 

• On the value of networking: “Reach out to others to build your knowledge. If you don’t know something, contact someone who does.” — Portland, ME, Human Resources Specialist Carol Renell 

• On workplace communication: “There’s no secret to communicating — either you do it or you don’t.” — Trenton, NJ, Processing and Distribution Center Plant Manager Russ Herrick 

• On staying positive: “Being negative just makes the day go longer.” — Santa Ana, CA, Custodian Dennis Rosello 

• On the power of praise: “People like to be told, ‘Thank you. You did a great job.’ It really just comes down to a simple thank you.” — Washington, PA, Postmaster Jim Goodwill 

• On working safely: “At the end of the day, we have families to go home to. Get the job done safely and go home in one piece.” — Miami International Service Center Mail Handler Brittany Henry

Baltimore Letter Carrier Simon Rawlins said the best advice is to be true to yourself.

“I love my family, wife, children and grandchildren and want them to know I do the best at my job,” he said. 

The Link archive has more “Best practices” columns from 2017.

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