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No train, no gain

Best practices: Learning key to development

Portland, ME, Human Resources Specialist Carol Renell
Portland, ME, Human Resources Specialist Carol Renell practices what she preaches when it comes to professional development.

Carol Renell is always learning something new.

The Portland, ME, human resources specialist manages training initiatives in Northern New England District.

Because professional development is part of her job, she makes sure she takes advantage of every learning opportunity that comes her way — whether it’s attending a USPS career conference or fulfilling her required cybersecurity training.

“We’re a big organization, and there are tons of opportunities,” Renell says.

Employees like Renell are helping USPS strengthen its workforce, Learning and Development Director Susan McKeen says.

“We want to equip and empower employees as they seek new opportunities,” she says. “Employee dedication to successful training is key.”

Renell has three tips for others interested in pursuing professional development:

• Network. “Reach out to others to build your knowledge,” she says. If you don’t know something, contact someone who does.

• Be resourceful. “Take advantage of what’s out there,” says Renell, citing Learning Management System courses, mock interviews and career conferences as useful resources.

• Don’t say “no” to opportunity. “I’ve changed jobs three times and every time I landed in a new role I liked better than the one before,” she says.

Her other advice: “Don’t be afraid of what you don’t know. No one expects you to know everything at once.”

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