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Best practices: Customer service essentials

Baltimore Letter Carrier Simon Rawlins
Baltimore Letter Carrier Simon Rawlins says he strives to deliver excellent service to his customers.

Simon Rawlins believes in the power of great customer service.

The Baltimore letter carrier began working for the Postal Service shortly after emigrating from England in 1986.

“When I do my job, I want to do it really well,” Rawlins says. “Our customers really depend on us every day.”

Employees who make customer service a priority help USPS strengthen its reputation, according to Delivery Operations VP Kevin McAdams.

“Our employees represent our brand,” McAdams says. “Every interaction is an opportunity to increase customer loyalty.”

Rawlins has three tips for his fellow employees:

• Always try your best. Demonstrate a strong work ethic by exceeding customers’ expectations.

• Be a role model. Rawlins strives to impress co-workers and family alike. “I love my family, wife, children and grandchildren and want them to know I do the best at my job,” he says.

• Stay positive. By being friendly, you can make a customer’s day.

Rawlins also enjoys mentoring USPS newcomers.

“I tell them to always be on time and be courteous to every customer you see,” he says. “Be nice and have something nice to say because you never know who you might end up talking to.”

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