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Best practices: Clean workplaces essential

Santa Ana, CA, Custodian Dennis Rosello
Santa Ana, CA, Custodian Dennis Rosello says clean retail lobbies help USPS strengthen customer service.

Dennis Rosello says cleanliness is essential to customer service.

Rosello, a custodian and 19-year USPS employee, helps keep things neat and tidy at the Santa Ana, CA, Processing and Distribution Center, including its retail lobby.

“When the place is really clean, there’s a positive effect on the people on the floor,” he says. “It gives your mind a relaxing feeling.”

Employees like Rosello help the Postal Service project an image of pride and professionalism, according to Retail and Customer Service Operations VP Kelly Sigmon.

“A spotless, orderly retail lobby lets our customers know that we are proud of what we do and where we work,” Sigmon says.

Rosello has three tips for his fellow employees:

• Be flexible. Rosello’s duties change throughout the day. In a typical day, he may clean the parking lot as well as the air ducts. It’s important to go with the flow, he says.

• Keep a positive attitude. “Being negative just makes the day go longer,” Rosello says.

• Ask employees for help. Remind co-workers to keep their areas clean, too.

Rosello is thankful his colleagues appreciate what he does.

“They always tell me that they like that the place is clean,” he says.

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