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Best practices: Safely handling the mail

Mail Handler Brittany Henry
Miami International Service Center Mail Handler Brittany Henry practices safety on the job.

Brittany Henry always puts safety first.

Henry, a mail handler at the Miami International Service Center, prepares, processes and moves mail — and she has to practice safety in different ways on the job.

“On machines, I make sure my hair’s tied back and I have proper gear,” says Henry, a five-year postal employee. “When driving powered industrial vehicles, I never wear headphones.”

Chief Operating Officer Dave Williams says employees like Henry ensure safety in the workplace, one of the Postal Service’s priorities.

“We need employees to always be alert and safe,” Williams says.

Henry has a few tips for fellow employees who handle mail:

• Be aware. This is especially important when driving lifts and tows, she says. “You don’t always see people, and they don’t always see you. Honk, look both ways, use your mirrors,” she says.

• Handle with care. When lifting and stacking tubs, squat and bend your knees, and push —don’t pull — hampers and cages.

Henry says on-the-job safety is important to avoid injuries.

“At the end of the day, we have families to go home to,” she says. “Get the job done safely and go home in one piece.”

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