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Here’s what Link covered March 31-April 6

A hiring portal, an opening day pitch and several stamps captured headlines

And older man walks onto a baseball diamond with his arm around a younger woman
Cal Ripken Jr. escorts Aubree Singletary onto the field for her opening day pitch for the Baltimore Orioles.

Last week, Link told you about the opening of the Postal Inspection Service’s hiring portal, where applicants can submit their resumes from April 1-11.

In the spirit of April Fool’s Day, we also reminded you about some of the comedians who have been honored with stamps through the years.

Later in the week, we shared a video on the new Save Manatees stamp, told you about the arrival of the stamp honoring former first lady Betty Ford, and revealed the winner of the USPS Stamp Showdown on social media.

Other topics covered last week: conflicts of interest, the Postal Service’s zero-tolerance policy on workplace violence, and the organization’s environmental sustainability efforts.

Additionally, we told you about Aubree Singletary, the 10-year-old daughter of a Baltimore city carrier assistant who threw the first pitch during the Baltimore Orioles’ recent season opener.

Finally, Link went to the Empire State for this week’s “On the Job” and “Off the Clock” columns.

The latter focused on Smithtown, NY, Postmaster Frank Anzaldi, a third-generation postal employee who volunteers as a youth coach in his free time, while the former was devoted to Jeff White, a letter carrier on Long Island, NY.

“I love being a letter carrier because I get to be outside all day — and my day belongs to me,” White said. “It is a physically demanding job, but the days move fast.”