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The turtle — slow, steady and adorable — wins the race

USPS crowns a winner in its social media Stamp Showdown

A sea turtle swimming under water
How could this guy not win the USPS Stamp Showdown?

The Postal Service has a winner in its online Stamp Showdown.

Last month, the organization’s social media team came up with a bit of digital fun modeled on the bracket system popularized by March Madness, the annual NCAA basketball tournament.

The USPS Stamp Showdown invited users of Instagram, Twitter and Threads to vote for their favorite among eight 2024 stamps in four pairings of two: Autumn Colors, Bluegrass, Carnival Nights, Dungeons & Dragons, Horses, Pinback Buttons, Sea Turtles and Winter Whimsy.

As in the famous fable, it was Sea Turtles who went the distance, advancing to the top spot after a final faceoff with Pinback Buttons.

The conservation-themed stamp, whose official name is Protect Sea Turtles, is slated to be released Tuesday, June 11.