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Ball in the family

A carrier’s daughter tosses a first pitch and a district salutes a fantastic foursome

A postal employee's daugther tosses the first pitch on the Baltimore Orioles’ opening day.
Aubree Singletary tosses the first pitch on the Baltimore Orioles’ opening day last week.

Postal scions played a big role in the Baltimore Orioles’ season opener March 28.

Fourth-grader Aubree Singletary, 10, was chosen to throw out the ceremonial first pitch before the sold-out crowd at Camden Yards. Aubree is the daughter of Michelle Wright, a city carrier assistant at Baltimore’s Raspeburg station.

Retired Oriole shortstop Cal “Iron Man” Ripken Jr., holder of the record for most consecutive games played, escorted Aubree out to the pitching mound and then strolled to home plate to serve as catcher.

David Rubenstein, whom Major League Baseball approved as the team’s new owner only the day before, walked out to the mound and handed Aubree the ceremonial ball. The billionaire Baltimore native is the son of a postal worker.

“Alright Aubree, whenever you’re ready, it’s your pitch!” the announcer said.

A big smile came over the fourth-grader’s face as she held up the ball and leveled her gaze at Ripken. After a big windup, she threw it directly into Ripken’s waiting mitt.

It was an auspicious start to the season: The Orioles beat the Los Angeles Angels 11-3.

Still going strong

Florida 3 District recently recognized four employees who’ve each logged 50 years of service with USPS: Georga Austra Jr., a Fort Lauderdale retail associate; Paul Gereffi, an Oakland Park letter carrier; and David Ricks and Peter Toledo, Miami letter carriers.

Gereffi said he’s proud that he and his colleagues are “still delivering the brand for America” after all these years.

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