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The long run

For this employee, a USPS career means stability

Smiling male letter carrier making a delivery to a mailbox
Jeff White prepares to make a delivery on his Oyster Bay, NY, route.

My name is Jeff White and I’m a letter carrier in Oyster Bay, a community on the North Shore of Long Island, NY.

I joined the Postal Service 36 years ago. I chose USPS after I talked to my own letter carrier, who persuaded me to take the job for its stability.

I love being a letter carrier because I get to be outside all day — and my day belongs to me. It is a physically demanding job, but the days move fast.

Before the Postal Service, I helped my father with his businesses. He was a photographer and wrote articles for Hot Rod magazine. He was also a craftsman and opened a store that sold candy and crafts.

I was born in Huntington, NY, which is about 10 miles north of Oyster Bay, so I have not drifted too far away. My wife and I live in Bethpage, which is also nearby. We come to Oyster Bay every Friday in the summer for the concerts — dancing in the streets.

I have two grown sons. Both were Eagle Scouts, and I was a scoutmaster for eight years. I’m still involved with the Scouts.

Since I have been on my route so long, I have seen people grow up and move on. I see Billy Joel in the neighborhood sometimes. He owns a motorcycle shop around the corner from the Post Office.

Even when I retire, I’ll come back to Oyster Bay. I love it here. I’ll be around.

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