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Employees were proud to serve this year

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Abilene, TX, Letter Carrier Hector Piazza stands alongside customer Dean Ball, who displays the long-missing ring that Piazza recovered for him this year.

Postal Service employees delivered excellent customer service throughout 2017.

A trio of employees from different USPS areas — Sherri Andrews (Great Lakes), Sharon Bayly (Capital Metro) and Awjanae Johnson (Pacific) — saved on customer’s honeymoon by reuniting him with his passport just in time for his flight.

Another trio — Yvonne Bradbury, who works in Phoenix, and Edwin Mendoza and Elizabeth Ivey of Los Angeles — tracked down a missing package that included memorabilia signed by Chris Cornell, the late Soundgarden singer.

Meanwhile, Missouri-based Marsha Jones and Florida-based Cheryl Ann Franco rescued a missing package that an expectant couple needed for their “gender reveal” party, while a California trio — Betsy Jay, Mason Dick and Dave Webster — joined forces to honor a disabled customer’s special delivery request.

Other employees were recognized for their dedication, including Greenville, SC, Custodian Yolanda Habal, who has accumulated more than 3,000 hours of sick leave, and Bronx, NY, Letter Carrier Anthony Giannone, whose banked sick leave exceeds 4,000 hours.

Elsewhere, Abilene, TX, Letter Carrier Hector Piazza found a customer’s missing wedding ring — 10 years after it went missing.

As far as Piazza is concerned, it was all in a day’s work.

“If we find it, we will deliver it,” he said.

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