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Mr. Reliable

Employee accumulates 2 years of sick leave

Bronx, NY, Letter Carrier Anthony Giannone
Bronx, NY, Letter Carrier Anthony Giannone has accumulated more than 4,100 hours of sick leave during his 48-year career.

Anthony Giannone has delivered mail long enough to see some of the children on his route reach almost retirement age.

The Bronx, NY, letter carrier has also established an impressive attendance record during his 48 years on the job, saving more than 4,100 hours — or about 2 years’ worth — of sick leave.

Giannone, who has the most accumulated sick leave hours among letter carriers in New York District, was recently commended by New York City Postmaster Kevin Crocilla, who hailed his “exemplary attendance.”

The Postal Service offers a program to help employees learn about the benefits of banking sick leave.

Giannone has more than 1,100 deliveries on his route. Most are located in a seven-building housing project where he has developed relationships that have spanned generations.

“The community has become part of his family and his utmost commitment is serving them,” said Customer Services Manager Silvestre Sandoval. “It is one of the reasons why he comes to work regularly — he does not want to let down the community he serves.”

Giannone’s dedication inspires his co-workers, many of whom look to him for guidance.

“They know I’m knowledgeable,” he said. “I’m doing this 48 years — you gotta learn something.”

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