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Tickled pink

USPS saves day for expectant parents

Expectant parents holding ball and bat
Chelsea and Colten Harris display one of the baseballs they received through a Priority Mail Express shipment.

The Postal Service recently came to the rescue of a Missouri couple who needed a package for a special party.

Colten and Chelsea Harris ordered two baseballs — one filled with pink chalk and the other with blue — from a Florida business that helps expectant parents find unique ways to reveal the gender of their unborn children.

The couple, who are major baseball fans, wanted to gather their loved ones together and watch Colten hit the ball that matched their baby’s gender.

But when the package containing the balls never arrived, Chelsea went to the Marshfield, MO, Post Office for help.

Customer Services Supervisor Kathy Jones hoped to locate and redirect the missing package. When those efforts didn’t look promising, she contacted the business, which quickly shipped a new order.

Jones then contacted Pompano Beach, FL, Customer Services Supervisor Cheryl Ann Franco, who made sure the Priority Mail Express package was on the next flight out.

The package arrived in time for the Harris family’s party, where attendees watched Colten strike a ball that produced a cloud of pink.

“Chelsea was thrilled that the party was not canceled, and she was more than thrilled to finally know what they were having,” Jones said.

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