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Iron woman

Employee has 3,000 hours of sick leave

Woman receives trophy from man
Greenville, SC, Custodian Yolanda Habal, who has accumulated more than 3,000 hours of sick leave, receives recognition recently from Greater South Carolina District Manager Darryl Martin.

They call her the “iron woman.”

Yolanda Habal, a custodian at the Greenville, SC, Main Post Office, has accumulated more than 3,000 hours of sick leave.

USPS recently recognized Habal for this achievement.

“The attainment of this award puts Yolanda in an elite group,” said Postmaster Stephanie Banks. “Her reliability, dependability and strong work ethic is commendable and greatly appreciated.”

The Postal Service offers a program to help employees learn about the benefits of banking sick leave.

Other employees with sizable sick leave banks include Bronx, NY, Letter Carrier Anthony Giannone, who has accumulated more than 4,100 hours, and Ronald and Ricky Pentico, brothers and Perry, IA, letter carriers who have saved more than 4,500 hours between them.

Habal, a 33-year USPS veteran, has maintained her impressive record while serving in a variety of roles from coast to coast.

She began her career as a casual employee in California, then transferred to Hawaii, where she spent 25 years as a letter carrier.

In 2009, after her son began college, Habal transferred to Greenville.

“I have truly loved every position I’ve held at the Postal Service,” she said. “I love life and meeting new people [and] I try to uplift everyone I encounter each day.”

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