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OPM cybersecurity update

The cybersecurity incidents announced recently by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) could affect some Postal Service employees. According to OPM, current, former and prospective federal employees and contractors had data stolen in two separate incidents. The Postal Service and the Postal Inspection Service are working with OPM to determine the number of postal employees […]

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Badge of honor

Behind the Badge has become one of the most popular exhibits at the National Postal Museum since opening a year ago. The permanent exhibit shows how the Postal Inspection Service keeps mail safe and helps consumers protect themselves against postal crimes. The Washington, DC, museum introduced the exhibit in June 2014. “Most Americans recognize their […]

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King of the ring

Before Cheyenne, WY, Letter Carrier Stephan Martinez became known for his crisp uniforms and friendly service, he had a reputation for fancy footwork and a powerful punch. Martinez, a prizefighter in his youth, was recently inducted into the Midwest Golden Gloves Hall of Fame. The news surprised co-workers and customers alike. “They had no idea, […]

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Found in translation

Angela Bradley knew the Postal Service could help Chinese restaurant owner Andy Fheng promote his business — she just didn’t know how to tell him. Fheng speaks limited English, so Bradley — a Gateway District small-business development specialist — turned to colleague Rex Chiang, who speaks Mandarin. “I was confident Rex could help,” she said. […]

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Direct approach

Direct mail remains a potent force for businesses — especially among tech-savvy younger consumers, Postal Technology International reports in its latest issue. Three-quarters of consumers between ages 25 and 34 have purchased a product after seeing it advertised through the mail, according to Direct Marketing Association data cited in the report. The challenge is getting […]

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Cards report

People are still sending greeting cards in the digital age, although the rise of social media is prompting industry changes. Consumers buy approximately 6.5 billion cards each year, ringing up between $7 billion-$8 billion in annual sales, according to the Greeting Card Association trade group. Nevertheless, the ability to stay in touch with loved ones […]

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Fade to black

The Postal Service will discontinue support for BlackBerry devices July 31. Voice and data services will be de-activated on the devices the next day. Employees who use the devices must switch to another smartphone. Emails with instructions have been sent to all BlackBerry users. If you didn’t receive the message, send an email to […]

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Duty calls

When Ohio Valley District Sales Executive Linda Mercer learned a Dayton, OH-based promotional company wanted to expand its international business, she saw an opportunity for USPS. The executives were considering using the Postal Service’s competitors for overseas shipments, but Mercer explained how Priority Mail International is a better alternative. She received help from Johnstown, PA, […]

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Common ground

Training for the Postal Service’s dispute resolution program is now available through the Learning Management System. The training is mandatory for all Postal Career Executive Service, pay band and Executive and Administrative Schedule employees, who must complete the course by Sept. 30. The course number is 10023809. The voluntary program, Resolve Employment Disputes Reach Equitable […]

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Ordering stamp sheets

If a retail unit orders 500 stamp items sold only as full sheets, they will receive 500 sheets, or five full decks. Issues sold as full sheets on SFS Web will be listed as “Config: Sheets (full),” “Philatelic Items” or “Specialty Items.” Retail Digest’s June 16 edition has more information. […]

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Connie Potts, Morocco, IN

Morocco, IN, Rural Carrier Connie Potts was delivering mail when she saw a man fall off a motorcycle and become pinned under it. She attempted help him, but the bike was too heavy to move. Two neighbors helped Potts free the biker, who suffered injuries but was able to make it home on his own. […]

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Digital detectives

The Postal Service employees who determine where poorly addressed mail is supposed to go were spotlighted by NBC’s “Today” this week. The USPS Remote Encoding Center, located in Salt Lake City, receives digital images of letters and packages with illegible addresses from across the nation. The center’s more than 1,500 employees, whom NBC calls “de […]

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Truckin’ along

Many superheroes have cool rides — and the heroic men and women of the Postal Service are no exception. That’s why the Framingham, MA, Post Office participated in the town’s recent Truck Day, which allows residents to learn about the vehicles used by local agencies. Since this year’s event featured a superhero theme, Framingham Officer […]

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Postal Bulletin

The Postal Bulletin’s latest issue highlights this year’s USPS mailing promotions. The promotions offer discounts for businesses that use color, mobile technology and other innovations in their mailings. “The promotions are designed to create excitement about mail by encouraging interesting techniques while building the bridge between physical mail and digital experiences,” the Postal Bulletin reports. […]

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LMS course programs

Learning Management System (LMS) course programs are groups of related courses and curricula placed in blocks that are taken over a period of time. Programs can be flagged as mandatory for a specific person or by job occupation code. Once an employee is hired or assigned a job, the program will automatically appear in his […]

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Karen Davis, Century, FL

Century, FL, Rural Carrier Karen Davis became suspicious when she noticed a piece of mail regarding social security benefits was incorrectly addressed to her customer. She delivered it to the customer, who later learned someone had attempted to collect benefits in her name. The woman was then able to stop the payments. […]

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Say cheese

While Staten Island Customer Service Supervisor JoAnn Pattelli serves New Yorkers through the Postal Service, her son serves them with macaroni and cheese. Dominick Tesoriero, the owner of the “Mac Truck,” is a competitor this summer on the long-running chef competition “Food Network Star.” Patelli and her husband — recently retired postal manager Dominick Tesoriero […]

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Scanning scorecard

Western Area and Sacramento District once again topped the scanning performance standings as of July 1. Western, with a rating of 97.16 percent, led the areas for the fourth consecutive week. Capital Metro (96.99 percent) took second and Eastern (96.76 percent) finished third. Sacramento District (97.85 percent) took first, followed by Portland (97.83 percent) and […]

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