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Rail recollections

The RPO memories keep rolling in. Following the publication of two recent stories, Link is continuing to hear from USPS employees with ties to the Railway Post Offices that were once used to sort mail. “We’d stop and a train station employee would throw the mailbags on. Sometimes you’d have only minutes to sort the […]

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Jon Craven, Kernersville, NC

Kernersville, NC, Rural Carrier Jon Craven was delivering mail at a house when he noticed a man lying in a field several feet away. The man, who was too weak to stand, said he had been there all night after collapsing the previous afternoon. After Craven called 911, emergency responders arrived and treated the man. […]

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Classic correspondence

Emails and text messages may be today’s preferred form of communication, but a recent Huffington Post essay suggests digital interactions are insufficient for inspiring romance. “There’s something universally appealing about handwritten love letters,” writes Maddie Crum. They can capture something ephemeral, yet their tangibility offers a sense of permanence and authenticity modern tools often lack. […]

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See how it grows

Are you maximizing your retirement money through the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)? Here are some reasons why you should take full advantage of your TSP: When you contribute at least 5 percent to your TSP, the Postal Service will match your contributions with an additional 5 percent. Money put into your TSP is tax-deferred and […]

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Reset revamp

The Postal Service is revamping the ePassword reset system to provide additional security for users who forget their ACE computer passwords. Beginning Aug. 31, users will be required to set up security questions and answers through the My Profile tab in eAccess. The questions will be part of password recovery settings only for resetting forgotten […]

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In the house

Fans are flocking to Post Offices to buy the new Elvis Presley stamp — but how many can say they’ve purchased the stamp from someone named after him? “Customers often take a look at my name tag and happily say, ‘Oh yeah, Elvis is in the house,” said Elvis Jimenez, a retail associate at the […]

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High gear

The Troy, MI, Post Office has made dramatic improvements in scanning, a crucial service that is helping USPS grow its package delivery business. The office is averaging about 99.7 percent after adopting a process called “scan, clear and deliver.” The new approach focuses on making sure parcels that arrive before 9 a.m. are delivered that […]

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Postal Bulletin

The Postal Bulletin’s latest issue provides an overview of passports. The article explains the difference between passport books and cards. International travel tips and links to the State Department’s site also are included. The Aug. 6 Postal Bulletin also offers an update on Handbook EL-921, Supervisor’s Guide to Handling Grievances, which is now available online […]

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Help is here

The Postal Service is continuing to use lobby assistants to better serve retail customers who require simple transactions. The program is part of the organization’s broader effort to strengthen customer service. Since lobby assistants were introduced a few years ago, they’ve helped reduce wait times and boosted scores on Retail Customer Experience surveys, which measure […]

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Robert Imhoff, Dodgeville, WI

Dodgeville, WI, Rural Carrier Robert Imhoff recently noticed uncollected mail in a customer’s box. He knocked on the woman’s front door and heard a faint cry for help. Imhoff found the customer lying on the floor, where she fell two hours earlier. He helped the woman to her feet and made sure she was OK, […]

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The real thing

USPS is continuing to test a program that offers customers a digital preview of the mail they’ll receive later that day. Real Mail Notification sends subscribers an email each morning with images of that day’s mailbox contents. It will be tested this fall in New York City following a promising trial in Northern Virginia. “We’re […]

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Slipped discs

Although Netflix is evolving into a video streaming service, its DVD-by-mail subscribers remain an important — and profitable — part of its business, The New York Times reported this week. Netflix’s DVD subscriber base has dropped from a peak of about 20 million in 2010 to 5.3 million today. The division continues to generate hundreds […]

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Philadelphia story

Philadelphia District has become one of the Customer Connect program’s top performers, generating more than $1.1 million in new revenue for the Postal Service. Customer Connect encourages letter carriers to identify new business opportunities. The program has yielded almost $2 billion in revenue since it began in 2003. “We see Customer Connect as a team […]

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Storm chaser

After a series of violent tornadoes ripped through Illinois this year, residents were surprised to see a familiar face: Joel Reese, their rural carrier. Reese, who works out of the Rochelle Post Office, was determined to continue delivering mail, despite the devastation along his route. “I knew that I had to at least try,” he […]

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Sam Koam, Lomita, CA

Lomita, CA, Letter Carrier Sam Koam was delivering mail when he saw a woman lying in a driveway. The woman had fallen and injured herself. Koam called 911 and stayed with her until emergency responders arrived and took her to a hospital, where she was treated for a fractured hip. […]

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Postal Bulletin

The Postal Bulletin’s latest issue offers tips to stay cool and keep heat-related illnesses from affecting your daily work routine. The July 23 edition also includes materials to help employees promote the Special Olympics World Games and Coast Guard stamps. Other highlights include a fiscal update from Controller VP Maura McNerney and a Thrift Savings […]

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Customer convenience

The Postal Service remains committed to providing convenient customer access to postal products and services, according to a recent USPS statement. The statement was issued in response to online reports that questioned the Postal Service’s efforts to offer products and services at some retail outlets. “Claims of privatization are false and misleading,” the statement said. […]

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