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Here’s what Link covered April 14-20

Taxes, fake websites and heroic employees made news

A Post Office in a rural setting
For some taxpayers, mailing a return is the way to go.

Last week, Link reported on people who continue to mail their tax returns each year.

Among them: Tim Qiu, a USPS acting integrated operating plan specialist who recently used Certified Mail for his return.

“I’m very happy that the Post Office can provide this secure service,” he said.

We also reminded you to beware of fraudulent websites that pose a cybersecurity threat to the Postal Service, including fake versions of LiteBlue; we shared a link to Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s latest congressional testimony; and we previewed the latest issue of The Eagle magazine, which looks at next-generation delivery vehicles.

Our “On the Job” and “Off the Clock” columns took the week off, but it was business as usual for our other regular features.

“People” introduced you to Chris Royall, a Wilkesboro, NC, letter carrier who was recently named man of the year by a business on his route, while “Heroes” showcased two letter carriers: Ian McMartin of Ware, ME, who rescued a skydiver in distress, and Terralen Lofton of Lafayette, LA, who alerted a customer to a fire in the person’s home.

“I’m just grateful and I thank God that I was able to not only save the house, but also save a life,” Lofton told a local TV station.