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Get a sneak peek at new USPS delivery vehicles

The Eagle shows how the Postal Service is revving up for the future

Spring cover of The Eagle Magazine
The Eagle’s spring cover highlights the role a modernized fleet plays in the Postal Service’s future.

The Postal Service’s next-generation delivery vehicles, or NGDVs, will begin arriving this summer, The Eagle magazine reports in its latest issue.

A detailed graphic in the feature “Vehicle for Growth” shows how NGDVs will offer increased cargo space and enough clearance for a person to stand inside and work.

Safety features will include airbags, a 360-degree camera, automatic emergency braking and collision avoidance systems. The cab area will have air conditioning and a seat with adjustable lumbar support.

The magazine’s spring edition also looks at how the Postal Service has influenced the development of transportation technology, notably the nation’s railway system and aviation industry.

Other articles cover USPS Informed Delivery and USPS Smart Lockers, while the “Spotlight” column features Jana Beller, an Oklahoma City maintenance support clerk who shares her love of animals and efforts to reduce pet overpopulation.

USPS mailed The Eagle to employees’ homes this month. The issue is also available on Newsroom, a USPS online news hub.