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Surprise from the sky

This carrier helped rescue a hapless parachuter who landed in a lake

Ware, MA, Letter Carrier Ian McMartin
Ware, MA, Letter Carrier Ian McMartin

Ware, MA, Letter Carrier Ian McMartin was vacationing with family and friends last summer when he spotted a skydiver in distress.

The man appeared to be having a problem with his parachute as he descended into a lake where McMartin and others were kayaking.

McMartin and his group, which included Glen Goodwin, a fellow Ware letter carrier, paddled toward the skydiver. The man had become entangled in his parachute and was struggling in the water.

The skydiver tried to free himself but his efforts were unsuccessful.

He then took hold of McMartin’s kayak as the Postal Service employee expended tremendous effort to paddle to safety. The parachute had ensnared lily pads and debris in the lake, making it harder for McMartin to propel the kayak.

Upon reaching the shore, the man was freed from the parachute. Onlookers called 911.

“Luckily, the skydiver didn’t sustain any injures and recovered from the incident,” Goodwin said.

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