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Royall treatment

A carrier receives praise and two postmasters step into the spotlight

Wilkesboro, NC, Letter Carrier Chris Royall displaying a certificate of appreciation
Chris Royall, a Wilkesboro, NC, letter carrier, shows the certificate of appreciation he recently received.

It’s only April, but a Wilkesboro, NC, letter carrier has already been named man of the year.

Chris Royall received this recognition from a financial services and real estate firm on his route.

The company provided him with a certificate that read: “For always giving us more work to do, and making sure our doorbell works every day, keeping us informed on the latest. Please never leave us!”

The recognition came as no surprise to Michael Kamel, the local postmaster.

“Chris does an excellent job serving his customers on his route,” Kamel said. “He works well with our customers. I can only remember receiving positive comments on his service.”

All smiles

The Smiling Postmaster is having a moment.

Candace Peters, the postmaster in Nolensville, a town of about 13,000 people in north-central Tennessee, was recently profiled by Nolensville Town Life, a local magazine.

“I’m a customer service person,” she tells the publication, which dubs her the “Smiling Postmaster.”

“I’m self-motivated and goal-oriented, and I care genuinely for my customers. It’s a great pleasure for me to just visit with them,” she says.

Peters, who joined USPS in 2015, also tells the magazine she hopes to spend her career at the Nolensville Post Office, adding that retirement “is about 35 years down the road!”

The fixer is in

Aaron D. Williams took the oath last month as the 45th postmaster in Tyler, TX, a city of about 105,000 residents in northeast part of the state.

“Every position I have held in the Postal Service has been a blessing,” said Williams, who joined the organization as a letter carrier in 2005. “I love what I do. I love to serve the community and fix people’s problems.”

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