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Here’s what Link covered Feb. 11-17

Postmarks, presidents and precipitation made news last week

Two stamped envelops and two cancellation hand stamps.
The Loveville, MD, postmark was pretty popular last week.

All Link needed last week was love — and maybe a little snow.

(OK, a lot of snow.)

We told you about the Post Offices across the nation that offer special postmarks for Valentine’s Day mail.

“We’re getting packages from all over the country — and sometimes all over the world — wanting that Loveville cancellation,” said Shawn Guy, postmaster for the small southern Maryland Post Office.

Link also covered the winter weather that affected much of the nation last week, including the nor’easter that blasted the Northeast.

Elsewhere, Link went “On the Job” with Jagbir Mangat, a Syosset, NY, letter carrier, and asked readers for suggestions for “Off the Clock,” our column on USPS employees’ after-hours pursuits.

Additionally, we remembered the postal system’s experimentation with pneumatic tubes, and with Presidents Day upon us (or Washington’s Birthday, if we’re being technical), we told you about Franklin D. Roosevelt’s stamp collection.

As Stephen Kochersperger, the acting USPS historian, explained, FDR’s enthusiasm for the hobby was contagious.

“Stamp collecting never had a higher profile than when we had a philatelist in the White House,” Kochersperger said.