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Wintry weather has an icy grip on much of the U.S.

Snowstorms delivered a one-two punch in the Northeast and Midwest this week

A Postal Service employee shovels snow off of a sidewalk
Timothy Thomas, a retail associate, clears a path at the Oaks, PA, Post Office this week.

Clipper snowstorms delivered the first of an expected one-two punch in the Northeast and Midwest on Feb. 13, and heavy rain and mountain snow are expected to bring flooding and mudslides this week in the West.

Areas of the Plains will see up to 6 inches of snow.

The Postal Service is continuing to deliver where it is safe to do so, including Waterbury, CT, which received almost a foot of snow this week.

“I was looking like a snowman out here,” Tom Huria, a letter carrier who has been delivering mail for almost 40 years, told a TV news crew.

USPS is asking customers in regions affected by inclement weather to clear snow and ice from sidewalks, stairs, porches and areas near mailboxes.

Carriers who “cannot reach your mailbox … cannot deliver your mail,” said New York 2 District Manager John Tortorice.

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