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Essential work

This letter carrier takes pride in his ‘important job’

Smiling man in postal uniform stands outside Post Office
Jagbir Mangat, a letter carrier, stands outside the Syosset, NY, Post Office.

My name is Jagbir Mangat and I’m a letter carrier in Syosset, NY, which is part of Long Island.

I was born in Punjab, India. I came to the United States in 1998, and now I live in Huntington Station, NY.

Before USPS, I worked in customer service for a bank. I had a background in service, so I had no problem transitioning to being a letter carrier. It’s an essential thing, mail.

I have liked this job from the very beginning. The best part is satisfying the customers without receiving any complaints. Everyone is nice. We serve them and they say, “Thank you.” They are grateful.

My route has been in Syosset for 19 years. I used to walk nine miles a day, but now I have a mounted route, so that means I mostly drive. I now walk about 45 minutes a day. The rest is driving, with 282 stops.

I love coming to work. My day begins when I arrive at the office and organize the mail. That takes a few hours. Then I go out and make my deliveries.

This is such an important job, and mail is still more secure than doing business online. I am very proud to work for the Postal Service.

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