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Old-school cool

A letter carrier dons a vintage uniform and a rural carrier associate gets a Facebook shoutout

Smiling man wearing a vintage postal uniform, complete with cap
Ben Noble, a Minneapolis letter carrier, dons the vintage uniform he wears while leading a training class for new carriers.

Like all good teachers, Ben Noble knows how to bring history to life for his students.

The Minneapolis letter carrier, who helps train newly hired carriers, dons a 1980s USPS uniform when leading one of his classes.

The uniform, which Noble pieced together through donations from colleagues, helps prompt questions about the Postal Service and its history, as well as opportunities for advancement within the organization.

“We talk about prior skill sets and the many places where they can go,” he said.

Noble, who has been an instructor for about a year, said he feels “blessed” to be able to help new carriers learn the ropes.

“I absolutely love this job and the uniform helps me celebrate that,” he said.

Snow problem at all

After a heavy snowfall in Corryton, TN, last month, a customer’s home security camera captured a USPS employee braving the elements to deliver a package to her doorstep.

The customer, Jennifer Buchanan, later took to Facebook to praise the employee.

“I don’t know who the mailman is [but he] literally parked all the way at the end of our driveway and walked my packages all the way to the back door … that is not a short walk at all and it’s so appreciated,” she wrote.

It turns out the employee is Gerald Pittman, a rural carrier associate.

“Gerald is an excellent employee, and we are so proud of his work and commitment to serve our customers,” said Corryton Postmaster Midge Stephens.

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